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Roof Cleaning

We at DB Window Cleaning Services are specialists in treating moss problems on patios, pathways, driveways, and, of course, rooftops. We believe in a long-lasting, eco-friendly service that prevents damage to your home and property value by doing what we do best, cleaning not only the roof tiles but the siding of your home with pressure washing services.

Roof moss is a menace, it can cause leaks where it grows under tiles, it can cause damage during freeze/thaw cycles due to the water it holds, it is home to insects which attracts birds, it clogs gutters and down pipes, and makes a mess of the ground around your home.

We are the number 1 roof cleaning company in Colchester, Clacton On Sea, Harwich and Surrounding areas

Methods we use

Hot Water High pressure cleaning (HPC)
Biocide/softwash treatments (Bio)
Manual scrape & brush removal (Man)

There are good and bad points for each of these roof moss removal options, and different methods can be used, and are recommended, for some types of roofs and not for others.

Roof moss treatment services aren’t the only thing we do! We clean everything on the exterior of your home: window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing and more.

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